Patient Reviews

When I first saw Maurice, it was a final, desperate, attempt to get better naturally before opting for the surgery the consultant said I needed. I had been suffering with acute lower back pain for the past three months and neither osteopathy nor acupuncture was working. I couldn’t even stand up straigh. To his credit, Maurice didn’t claim to have a magic wand but, after three sessions, I knew I’d turned the corner. And over the next few months, I made a remarkable recovery. I had almost given up on natural therapies but, thanks to Maurice, I am back to a normal, active life without having to undergo surgery.

- Des McCavitt

The adjustments I received from Maurice have made a big difference despite my feeling very little, and have had knock-on positive effects to my general health and wellbeing. I had suffered lower back pain on and off for as long as I could remember. The treatment and Maurice’s observations and advice about my posture have meant that this only happens now when I stand for very long periods.

Also, my neck and shoulder flexibility and alignment have been improved, reducing stiffness, tension and frequency of headaches. Maurice Lowe puts one at ease and is great at explaining what he is going to do. He is professional, considerate and thorough.

- Ruth Wild

I went to see Maurice following a friend’s recommendation, having suffered from serious pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. I had seen several physiotherapists and osteopaths, who were not able to meaningfully improve my condition. Maurice spent a lot of time assessing my condition and made a difference right from the first treatment. I saw him several times thereafter and was left virtually pain-free after only a few sessions. I am very grateful for Maurice’s help as being pain-free has allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy and my children in a way I otherwise would not have been able to. Maurice is always very flexible trying to accommodate my availability, and lends a hand whenever possible, including when my baby started crying during treatment! The technique used by Maurice is very gentle, meaning that I was comfortable being treated during pregnancy. I have recommended Maurice to several people and understand that he has been able to help them as well.

- Maggy C.

After having my baby and whilst breast-feeding, I was in considerable pain which I believed to be caused by a trapped nerve and through bodily changes postpartum. Maurice’s treatment let my body find it’s balance again and with the postural advice he gave me, I wasn’t afraid any longer of making certain movements. I would have no problem in recommending Maurice.

- Ines Eckhoff

I have received several treatments from Maurice to date which has greatly improved my back and hip pain. Maurice uses the McTimoney approach, which is gentle, and I felt very comfortable throughout the entire treatment. He also explained what he was doing and why he was manipulating individual areas such as my pelvis effecting leg length. His treatment and advice on posture has greatly helped me and continues to help me avoid further pain.
Maurice is a very competent chiropractor and a very genuine and caring person. This combination makes for a very effective treatment with many lasting benefit.

- Constanze Fiedler

Maurice is an extremely professional, warm and caring practitioner. Having had Chiropractic treatments in the past that involved aggressive manipulation and often subsequent pain I came to Maurice as his McTimoney technique proved much more thorough and holistic. I particularly benefited from the soft tissue work which Maurice uses to compliment the orthopedic work. I saw Maurice for treatment for migraines, throughout my pregnancy and for my postnatal recovery. I trusted him completely to treat me during my pregnancy and he was always particularly careful and considerate. Maurice is a practitioner who treats his patients as individuals – always taking time to listen and respond accordingly. I would highly recommend him.

- Jo Foster

I had been suffering with chronic neck/shoulder pain and migraine for many years and seen several chiropractors before I started to see Maurice. His wide knowledge and expertise have been above and beyond my expectations. He applies a person-centred and more holistic approach to effectively address my issues. Maurice genuinely cares about his patients, and I recommend him unreservedly.

- Lorenza

I’ve seen many chiropractors in London because of chronic lower back pain and Maurice is by far the best I’ve had. He took the time to identify the issue, keeps monitoring my progress and tailors the treatment to my specific needs taking into account the impact on other areas and I never feel rushed. I have never felt so well. Highly recommend Maurice!

- Salvo

To be honest I didn’t hold out much hope when I eventually made an appointment to see Maurice as I had been injured for nearly 8 months, with pain referring into my hip, which was so debilitating that sometimes it took an hour in the morning before I could walk without the aid of a walking stick. The pain began while performing at the Opera House as a professional dancer. I tried several therapists without success and the condition became so ingrained that I had begun to believe that this was something I would have to put up with for the rest of my life. After just one session with Maurice I began to own my body again and after a few more the problem appears to have been miraculously sorted. Maurice seems focused on getting people better with the minimum amount of treatments unlike other therapists I have known over the years and I continue to see him once and a while if my hip feels “grumpy”. I can highly recommend Maurice, his professionalism and skill are second to none.

- Peter

I have been a patient of Maurice’s for several years and thanks to him, my migraines have disappeared and he has had great success in treating my back and neck. Maurice has a careful and considered approach to treatment and tailors each session around my current needs. I would recommend him without hesitation, absolutely brilliant!

- Steve W


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