ICB Heat Moulding Orthotics are a custom-fitted shoe inserts that works to restore and align the foots natural structures.

Available in a variety of models: different densities to suit different weights and also come in 2/3 length, full length, high heel and dress (for use in moccasins).  Suitable for all ages from children to the elderly.  These orthotics can be adapted to correct structural leg length discrepancy and support and reduce pain from conditions such as bunions (halux valgus).

They are a reasonably priced option to correct foot pronation (flat feet) and supination (high arch) which occasionally can be a cause of biomechanical problems such as back, knee and ankle pain for example. Often foot posture varies from one foot to another and ICB orthotics can be custom moulded to take this into account.

The two third length orthotics are for everyday use and are more easily changed from different shoes while the full length option are can be used in walking or working boots and shoes.

Occasionally they can be fitted in trainers however foot posture here is better corrected by purchasing trainers from a specialist store which assesses foot biomechanics and can supply a suitable corrective trainer which allows greater movement in the arch.

Orthotics  can be purchased and fitted separately but are better fitted in conjunction with chiropractic care. For further information please contact Maurice.