Chiropractic During Covid-19

We continue to be open during the fourth lock down, following Government infection control guidelines including the use of PPE.
While we can still see patients who fall into the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable groups we will assess each case on an individual basis and only see if there is a clinical need and if the appointment cannot be postponed. We will also exercise further protocols in these cases.

Please see current appointment procedure below:-

Appointment Procedure

  • Complete an online Consent Form (link below)
  • Complete an online Risk Assessment Form, including any chaperones (link below)
  • New Patients to complete Symptoms and History details form (sent by email)
  • Second Risk Assessment at clinic arrival with temperature taken
  • Arrival no more than 1-2 minutes before appointment to avoid patient cross over (Reception area currently closed)
  • Patients to wear face masks
  • Practitioner wearing PPE
  • Treatment through clothes, patients wearing loose fitting garments (preferably not jeans)
  • Strict Cleaning Procedure before and after each patient visit
  • Unfortunately unless Consent and Risk Assessment Forms are completed or on arrival, the Risk criteria has changed/temperature is above 37.5 C, access to the clinic will be denied
  • Payment by Bank Transfer, prior to appointment on first appointment

Please call if you are unsure or would like to discuss things.

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

We are able to see people in this group if urgent but please call us to discuss.

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